You Can Improve your Website with One Quick Change

So you got poor website results last year. You paid some company lots of money to build you a fancy new website, but the profits didn’t roll in from it like you had hoped. This year can be different.If you want to really improve your website and increase conversion rates in the New Year, you just have to do one thing: simplify.There are so many things you can do with your website now. You can integrate social media, easily turn it into an online store, feature videos or webcasts, blogs or a million other things. So in the face of all this, how do you go about simplifying? And better yet, how can simplifying improve website performance and increase conversion rates?Essentially, you need to have a heart to heart with yourself (or who ever runs your company.) Determine what the goal of your website is. Is it to get customers to walk in your front door? Is it to get them to buy a product on your site? Is it to get them to sign up for an email list or write a comment or share it on Facebook?It doesn’t matter what your goal is, as long as you have one.Once you’ve determined that, your work is simple. Focus your website around the goal – and only that goal.Take away all the other stuff that’s distracting away from your goal. Have a bunch of buttons to share on Facebook, comment and sign up for a newsletter right around where your customer will purchase a product? Move them. Have a landing page cluttered with graphics and icons and ads – but your e-mail sign up is buried deep? Move it.The simple task of getting your website focused and centered around your goal will nearly instanteously improve website traffic and increase conversion rates.It takes away distractions and helps your users focus their attention. There isn’t a whole bunch of other "stuff" getting in the way of them accomplishing the goal they came to your site for. They can easily see, navigate to, and complete the conversion (email sign up, comment, purchase) without a lot of hassle, distraction or headache. It’s a win-win for both the customer and the business!So if you’re seriously about doing something to improve website performance and increase conversion rates this budget year, then forget all the hype: simplify, simplify, simplify.